$100,000 (upto) for Business Lines of Credit - One page application

$5,000 minimum Business loans

Factoring is based on LOI's, Contracts, Recieveables, Revenue or combination / ABL

Merchant accounts with flat fee processing - consumer pays all transaction fees

Acquisiton Funding

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Renewable Energy / Solar / Waste to Energy

Waste Management, Energy Storage, Renewables, Cleantech and Green Technology

100% Project Funding Available with Partnership or Equity Participation 

Minimum Barrier of Entry is $2M not ceiling

Acquisition / Refinance / Equity Draws /Repayment terms : Cash / Off-Take / Streaming / Royalty Participation

Minimum Barrier $1M no ceiling

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Equity Lines of Credit RE Based

Equity Lines - Asset based and held against Real Estate- 100% Leverage Positions are available

Partnership Buyouts, Equity Draws for other project funding, Rehab, TI, Acquisition

Barrier of Entry $500,000

We arrange and advise on project funding 

A, D & C or R, D & C Project Funding - Complete Capital Stacks - All Phase Funding

Minimum Barrier of Entry of $1M

Arranging CapitaL Debt, Mezzanine & Equity

OIl & Gas / Metals & Mining

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Construction / Land Development Infrastructure Finance

Asset-Based Lending / JV / Equity

Business Finance / Small Business Loans

Business Lines of Credit  / Factoring

Merchant Services